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Do you know how much time you spend on Facebook?


Maybe you will soon know about it from Facebook itself. One of the users of the Facebook application has discovered a piece of code that suggests that Facebook wants to enter information about the time spent on the portal by a given user. Sounds great?

How much time do we spend in front of the screens?

Portable and stationary devices have become our everyday life. Over 80% of the population declares that they have access to the Internet and grate from mobile devices once a day. Going for a walk, to a cafe or friends, you can see that most people use the Internet more than once a day. Often, even several hundred. More and more we are saying that we should spend less time in front of screens of computers and smartphones. Even campaigns promoting being “offline” are created.

Applications that make the user aware

Along with the growing popularity of actions suggesting “joining life”, applications gathering information about the use of smartphones began to be created. All this to show the user how much time he spends on using the phone. Even Apple, along with the update to the iOS 12 system, added the Screen Time function, which will show how many times we use and how often we raise our smartphone. It also has to show how long throughout the day we use a specific application.


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