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The most common fears of opening a startup


Some compare work in a corporation to running in a vicious spinning wheel and setting up their own business – to perform Sisyphean work. More and more people are tired of spinning around in corporate reality and would like to create something of their own. Some people go into deep water to open their own business, others do not even try to lose their fears, and their own company remains only in the sphere of dreams. Are you one of these people? Check if your concerns are the ones that beginner startups usually share.

What is the most appealing in your own business is the freedom and space to pursue your own ideas. Running a business also has more mundane aspects and it is they that make many interesting ideas never see the light of day. The main concern of startups is whether the business idea is good. Will the product catch up? Will customers willingly reach into their wallets to have it?

It depends of course on both the product itself and the marketing strategy you have adopted. If you are a social media ninja, you can take care of the campaign on your own. If not – find a trustworthy agency that will help you promote your brand. The issue of customer receipt of the product is directly related to what the company is leading in, i.e. with money. No customers mean no profit. Just as working in a corporation generally indicates financial stability and certainty about monthly income (also known as the “warm job”), running your company – at least at the beginning – is associated with a state of permanent uncertainty. Will the product succeed? Will the profits from its sale be so large that it will be possible to pay for employees and accounting?

The next thing is time!

The business will not start itself – for a while, you have to devote a lot of time and energy to it. There is no 8-hour working time here. If you employ subcontractors, the matter is a bit simpler. But if you have to do things yourself that would otherwise be divided into several people, the situation becomes more complicated. The more so because man does not live by work alone. Even if it is the owner of a startup, it would be good to find time for all the family, friends, and for yourself, to pursue your hobby. Do you have a workaholic character in you and it seems to you that it does not concern you? There is a saying on the internet that you can take with a pinch of salt (but only one!): Those for whom work is a pleasure should remember that life is more than pleasure. When we do something that we care about, it’s easy to get to the extreme. In the long run, overwork can, however, affect your health and relationships with other people – and what’s more, it can lead to rapid burnout. Therefore, try to manage your time in accordance with the idea of work-life balance.

Good luck!

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